You spend a lot of your time going to work! Your way of life and the things you have, are due majorly in part to the type of job you’ve chosen. It is important that you like that job you have at least! There are many companies in the Kansas City Metro area that are constantly hiring new positions. Here is a list of some of the best-ranked corporations in the area based on reviews, jobs, and benefits:



  • Cerner- This company is a supplier of health information technology (HIT) hardware, services, and devices. This place is perfect for someone with a background in engineering, consulting, information technology, research, and science. Cerner offers many wonderful benefits such as health insurance, 401k plan, and vacation/paid time off. 84% of the employees would recommend this company to a friend and 90% of them approve of the CEO. Visit to learn more about this company!


  • UST- This company is a global provider of digital technology and transformation, IT, and solutions. They are recognized for being the “champion of inclusion” by their employees. This corporation is great for people with knowledge of software engineering, software testing, delivery management, and consulting. For benefits they offer insurance, 401k plan, and vacation/paid time off. 87% of their employees recommend the company to a friend and 95% approve of the CEO. Learn more about their positions at!


  • Black & Veatch- This is a leading construction, engineering, and consulting company that specializes in the infrastructure development of power, water, oil and gas, data centers, management consulting, and telecommunications. They offer health insurance, vacation/paid time off, and a 401k plan. This company is great for people with a background knowledge in management, consulting, operations, engineering, programing, construction, and data analytics. 85% of the employees would recommend to a friend and 90% approve of their CEO. Go to to learn more about the company and the various available positions.


  • Garmin- This is a multinational technology company that was founded in Lenexa, KS and has headquarters in Olathe, KS. This is a wonderful job for people with experience in engineering, information technology, marketing, communication, operations, and sales. They offer their employees various benefits including insurance, vacation/paid time off, and employee discounts! This company has many positive reviews from their employees and 82% recommend them to a friend. Also, 96% of them approve of their CEO! Visit their website to see more about their products and company at


  • Kforce- A solutions firm than manages and builds teams in technology, accounting, and financing. If you have knowledge of engineering, IT, customer service, software development, data entry, accounting, financing, and technology- This is the company for you! They offer their employees benefits such as 401k plans, health insurance, and vacation/paid time off. 80% of their employees recommend this company and 88% approve of their CEO. Go learn more about them at!


  • Lockton Companies- This company is a global professional service firm that advises their clients to protect their people, property, and representations. If you are looking for a job in insurance and claims, accounting, consultation, or data then this may be a good fit for you! This company is reviewed as being a great place to work due to the people, benefits, and work culture. They offer great insurance, 401k plans, and paid time off/vacation. Go check out to find more out about them!


  • Amazon- You have definitely heard of this one! How could you not? This company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence is a wonderful place to work for. Whether you work in the IT department, as a deliverer, operations, or in the warehouses- You will find this company to be a great fit! They are said to offer nice benefits such as insurance, 401k plans, retirement, bonuses, and vacation/paid time off. This company leaves a lot of room for job growth as well. You can go to to learn more about those opportunities.


  • QuikTrip- This corporation which is both a gasoline/convenience store- Is one of the most beloved chains in the KC area! With their quick and friendly service; as well as having some of the best gas station food you’ll have… They are known to also have a great employer/employee dynamic, as well as great job growth! This is a job where you can have flexability, financial stability, and fun. They have various job positions and they set their employees up for success. Visit to learn more about the company and open positions!



They say that by doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life… And man, is that the truth! We dedicate a huge chunk of our lives to a chosen path. It becomes apart of who we are as individuals in our lifetime. If you can not only do what you love, but also find a corporation that values you in turn; you will be set for success! I hope these suggestions help you find that next place to add to your resume and one where you enjoy as well! If there isn’t anywhere on this list that suits your expertise… You should go checkout job listings/company reviews at! Best of luck in your job searching.