Imagine having a home that is 100% EVERYTHING you could ever dream for! Those beautiful white cabinets, dark hardwood floors, and a closet big enough to fit an entire department store in. Oh my, can you imagine? I bet dreaming it is easy to do! It’s the DOING that is the hard part. You know what obstacles there are when building that home! Buying a home is hard and stressful enough. Building one though? That is a whole different ballgame! Dreams can bring nightmares though. Even though there are stress and irritations; building your dream home can be very worth it in the end! It’s up to you if buying or building is best. Before you do so however, consider the following perks and downfalls:



The Perks to Building



Customizable- This is perhaps the main reason you are considering building in the first place! Building from the ground up allows you to be able to choose everything from the type of wood you want for your floors, to the types of doorknobs. There’s no better way to find that dream home, than to create it yourself!

Brand New- There’s nothing better than having a move in ready house. And even the most perfect homes you find, will have some issues. Not so much with a custom built home! When you move in to your house, you’re moving into one that you can know for sure will be 100% perfect in your eyes!

Practically No Competition- If you own the land, then you will obviously have no competition! Whereas when you buy, there will be more people looking at the same homes that you are interested in. So by building your own home, you are eliminating your competition!

Lower Energy Costs- With newer homes, comes newer energy efficent systems and materials! These features help with energy saving and cuts the costs of your bills.

No Need for Updates or Repairs- With your home being brand new, you won’t have to shell out more money to fix your house! Spending more money on something new and updated will definitely save you money in the long run. Plus the hassle of doing so is always the most frustrating part of buying a new home. Save yourself the time, money, and irritation by building!



The Downsides to Building



Waiting, Waiting, Waiting- It takes on average about seven months to build a new house. This isn’t counting the other stages of planning and getting approved. This may make your living situation up until moving in, a bit stressful. You may have a time between selling your old home, and finalizing on your new one where you will be needing to rent or find other living arrangements.

Negotiating Price- When buying a home, negotiating prices is common! And you are able to often get the asking prices down when doing so. Building is a different story though. Usually the closing costs and/or the purchase price with builders, is pretty set. So if you are expecting to be able to negotiate the price of buying your home… Building may not be your best bet!

More Stress- Although having a home that is completely customizable is wonderful… It is a lot of work. You are deciding of everything! From the land, to the style of the house- It all falls on you. You’ll have to make all of those choices while also making sure you are staying within your budget. Even though that home may be worth it in the end; the process will leave you often times drained when you get there.

Hidden Costs- Upgrades can quickly drive up the costs and if you aren’t careful with budgeting, you can end up spending more than you originally anticipated. Also, with new builds you will have to spend more money on the landscaping as well. So keep that in mind when you are wanting to build.



Questions to Ask Yourself:


-Am I able to wait to move into a home?

-What can I afford?

-Do I have enough money saved to be able to cover the hidden costs that building can bring?

-Do I have enough money in my budget to cover updates and replacements when buying an older home?

-Do I want everything on my wish list? Is it more important to have everything I want or stick to my budget?

-Do I want my home to be brand new with brand new appliances?

-Am I able to deal with the stress that building will bring?

-Am I able to handle making all of the choices in regards to building my home?

-Will I be able to afford building in the end after assessing my finances?



It is best to be as prepared as possible for making this big of a decision. You don’t want to get into a situation where you are unhappy and financially drained! So by asking yourself these questions, you’ll better be able to make the best choice possible.


Buying a home in general is already a big enough financial decision. So make sure to not make it more difficult by making the wrong choice! Yes it is more expensive and takes longer to build a new home, BUT it does bring the perks of customization. Buying may require updates and have more competition, but is cheaper as well as it allows you to move in quicker. You just have to realize the pros and cons to both options and make the best choice for you and your family! Your home will be your sanctuary, whether it’s brand new or not. This is your journey to take, just make that decision wisely! Good luck.