You may think that it will be completely impossible to sell your home during the winter season. It’s a hassle, I will definitely agree! There are some hurdles you will have to overcome, such as having a slower time drawing attention. But it’s NOT impossible! Selling your house, in general, comes with its fair share of ups and downs anyway. But with selling in the winter, there brings different types of pros and cons. Here is a list of a few to be aware of:


The Pros:


  •  Even though most buyers are looking during the Spring and Summer months…  That doesn’t mean your home won’t sell in January. In fact, the buyers who are actively looking for a home are very motivated. If they are moving during this time, you can safely assume that it is due to a major reason- Such as a financial situation, relocation, or change in what their family needs. So these people tend to be more motivated and serious in their buying.


  • With most people not wanting to sell during the winter, there are going to be fewer houses. So with fewer houses, that means there’s going to be less competition in the market! Which, of course, works entirely in your favor.


  • More time off of work; means more time to view! With all of the holidays that the winter months bring, people are off of work more. So if you have potential buyers who have time to come by on their weekends or days off… You will sell your home much quicker!


  • There are some tax benefits for buyers who are wanting to buy before the end of the year. This means that selling in December will be pretty ideal for those people who want to have that extra benefit when they buy.


  • You will have the undivided attention of your agent. With fewer homes on the market, they will be able to spend more time perfecting your listing. This is true for a buyers agent as well. They will be able to have more time setting up viewings and negotiating deals for you!


The Cons:


  • Your curb appeal will just not be the same. It will be dark and nasty outside, so that leaves little room to wow with your outer appearance. But you can do some things to help with this issue such as, shoveling the snow and lighting a path for the potential buyers. By not having that curb appeal to give, make up for it on the inside! Make sure it’s warm and cozy inside. Turn on the lights, bake some cookies, decorate with warm colors, and have the fireplace on. This will make that grand entrance all that much more appealing.


  • Buyers will assume that since winter isn’t the best time for selling, you will just accept their lowball offer. Which isn’t the case, of course! Just be aware that this may be a reoccurring theme for you during the winter months.


  • Financing can be delayed for a while due to bank holidays and schedules. Making it harder and more frustrating to get financing.


  • The busier the market, the more offers a seller can expect. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be likely for you during the winter months. You won’t find yourself in a bid off since the market is slower.


  • If your home has some downfalls that include being dark, drafty, or has leaks… This will be more apparent to buyers during these months.


Even though you will have a slower time selling your home in the wintertime, you can still sell for sure! There are some ways you can ensure that your home gets the views that you hope for such as:

1) Make your online listing stand out by showing it in the best lighting and have a good listing description. 

2) Invest in professional photographers.

3) Price your home to sell. A home priced well will sell itself!

4) Hire the right agent. 


Winter doesn’t have to be unnecessarily difficult when you are hoping to sell your home. As long as you’re able to know what to anticipate and look for, you’ll be able to sell in no time! Just be patient and rely on your realtor to help navigate your way through the selling. Wishing you all the best in your selling journey!