Sometimes it’s not ALWAYS about what’s on the inside; the outside matters a lot too! Especially in terms of your home’s first initial impression it creates for potential home buyers. The prettier the outside, the more interested people will be to see the inside! Here are a few inexpensive improvements you can do to create a beautiful curb appeal.


That PERFECT Front Porch:


  • -Make a statement by dressing up that front door. Give it a fresh coat of paint that both complements your home’s color, but captures the eye from afar! Or go ahead and install a custom wood door. Make sure you clean any dirty spots, and use polish to make those fixtures sparkle!
  • -Create a nice grand entry by drawing attention with seating. Try to make your home feel welcoming by encouraging them to stay awhile longer with a couple of rocking chairs! A small side table in between them will create an inviting atmosphere that feels both relaxing and engaging.
  • -Upgrade those railing! If you don’t properly care for them, they can quickly begin to deteriorate. Make sure the color, design, materials, and details are complementary as well with the rest of the home’s features. Good quality metal or wood will make the railings look more aesthetically pleasing!
  • -Symmetry captures attention quickly! You can do this by simply arranging your light fixtures, seating, and accents symmetrically. It creates a look that is pleasing to the eye and feels more inviting to potential home buyers.


Work on Your Green Thumb:


  • -Start by doing the simple things such as pulling weeds, raking leaves, planting flowers, and giving that lawn a nice mow! Even though this one is a given, it is nevertheless the most important tasks to accomplish to ensure a nice curb appeal!
  • -Add some more color with a new planting bed! Some key spots are along the driveways, walkways, front corners of the yard, and directly in front of the house. Try to choose a planting bed that will frame the home’s structure instead of hiding it. Make sure you include a various mix of plants that have different colors, sizes, and textures to get the best look you are searching for!
  • -Line your stairs with nice flower pots. This is a great way to add color and charm to your entry way. You can mix and match flowers to create the optimal look based on lighting and color.
  • -Update your mailbox by decorating it with a little garden! Enclose the base surrounding your flowers with stones to make a beautiful distinction between each flower and plant you use. Doing this will make your front yard feel more bright and welcoming!


Accents and Exterior:


  • -Having new paint, siding, and trim detailing will completely transform the way  a home looks automatically! Defects such as any cracks or rotting will be a way to drive potential buyers away. Don’t be afraid to add in some color with the exterior paint and boost the home’s aesthetic with some trim or shingles. While you are at it; clean out your gutters!
  • -Design a nice pathway to make your home look instantly more inviting! You can build one out of stone or brick, you can also utilize lighting as well as plants to your advantage to create a clear path. This will make your home look and feel more defined and distinct.
  • -Update your house numbers to make it more noticeable as people drive by! This is one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to give your home an outside makeover. You can use wood, metal, or even get concrete numbers for your front yard. You’d be surprised just how much this does for the curb appeal!
  • -Update your concrete with natural slate tiles! You can find 12 in. x 12 in. natural slate tiles at Home Depot for as little as $2.79 to inexpensively create a professional looking walkway. You can do the entire pathway or just a small garden pathway that still makes your home look a lot nicer than concrete pavers.
  • -Lastly, redo your fencing! Freshen up your home by adding new fencing around your property. Replacing your old, broken one with something new and bright; will make your home seem more put together as well as decorative. You have various choices between choosing from metal, vinyl, or the more decorative horizontal wood fencing!


Be sure to give your home your own flair when decorating and updating the exterior, without going too overboard! You may enjoy a dark maroon coat of paint with jet black shutters, but more than likely you’ll be the only one to appreciate it. The more attractive the house is on the outside, the more people will be wanting to take a peek on the inside. So try to envision ways to upgrade your home in order to make reselling that much more easier for you!