Even if this is your first move or your 20th; it’s stressful. Maybe you feel as if you know everything there is to possibly know about moving and have found your system to make it all flow effortlessly. Or perhaps you aren’t quite sure as to how you are going to adjust to your new surroundings all while trying to figure out where you packed your extra phone charger! Everyone has their own ways of coping with situations that cause them tension and uncertainty; but wouldn’t you like to know some of the ways you can lessen the load? Here are 10 of the best apps and online services to make moving easier and help you navigate your brand new environment!

Google Keep: This app is available for all iOS and Android devices. Maintaining lists is the easiest way to be able to be successful in your move, and even though there are so many list keeping apps you could get- Google Keep is one of the best! It’s not only helpful with all of the features it offers, but it is simple to use as well. This app allows you to do some of the following:

  • Create and modify notes/lists
  • Add photos to your notes/lists
  • Create time or location reminders
  • Record voice notes
  • Share your notes/lists with other people
  • Organize your notes/lists via color coordination and labels
  • Search within your notes/lists
  • Sync your phone, tablet, and desktops

All of these wonderful features will definitely come in handy in every single part of your moving process! Plus, it’s a free app to download. Give this one a try if you use lists as your main way of organizing and planning.

Hireahelper.com: Moving companies are known to be very expensive and frustrating to work with at times. To be able to find the best service for the price you are wanting to spend- this is the website for you! This website allows you to find the help that you are looking for whether that be loading, unloading, or both. All you need to do to start comparing mover prices is select the type of help you are looking for, enter in the loading date and unloading date, as well as the loading and unloading zip codes. You are able to select how many movers you will need and for how many hours, as well as provide more information on your home, belongings, and size of the moving truck you’ll need in order to get the best price comparison. This website will help you find the best service provider that’ll ensure you the best bang for your buck and without the hassle of comparing rates on your own.

Zillow: Of course! Zillow will always come in at number one for the best overall app to use for finding your perfect dream home. It’s easy to maneuver through, allows you to put filters on in order to find everything you’d want in your home, and the amount of listings you find on there is more than you will find on a lot of other listing apps. It tells the users the estimated home value, past sale prices, nearby schools, and crime in the area. If you are looking for a home then you should download the app and bookmark the website on your computer!

Porch: This is another online review website to find professionals for any form of home improvements you may need! Just enter the service you are searching for, fill out the information regarding the service you’ll be needing, the time frame at which you are hoping to get the project done, and then your personal information in order to be contacted by professionals in your area. This is a wonderful app made to help you make sure your home is properly taken care of by qualified professionals. They also have a company Youtube channel where they post DIY home improvement tips that you should check out!

CSmart Classifieds & Feeds: Here is an iOS app that has pretty much anything and everything you could possibly want in a housing app, as well as a job app as well! This is a smart classified browser where you can find things for sale such as cars and homes, jobs looking to hire, resumes for potential employees, community connection features, as well as services you may need for your home! This app will provide you with every resource you may possibly need, all in one convenient location- your fingertips!

AroundMe: Finding the best spots you will frequent is sometimes the hardest part with moving to a new city. Especially one that you are completely unfamiliar with! This app is one you will use often and appreciate as you navigate your new environment. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones! You will be able to find your closest banks/ATMs, gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, and much more! Check it out to be able to find readily available services in your vicinity.

Nextdoor: Stay connected to everything going on in or around your neighborhood! This app allows you to meet your neighbors and see what is happening all around you. From a lost dog to garage sales- you will be able to better feel apart of your community with this application. You can post any questions you might have regarding restaurant recommendations, handyman suggestions, or whatever else may concern your surrounding neighbors! You’ll be able to find baby sitters or dog sitters as well with many people who can vouch for them in your area. There’s nothing better than to be able to feel safe and know more about your neighbors/neighborhood that you move into and this app allows you to be able to do that!

1stopmove.com: Don’t forget to update your new address! This website will do a USPS change of address, forward your mail to the correct location, and provides a secure transaction that is completely encrypted and private. Best of all? It’s completely free of charge! All you need to do is put in your information, when you’ll be moving, your old address as well as your new one, and your phone number. It makes the process all that much more simpler! This is one site that everyone who is moving should have bookmarked on their computer for sure.

Magicplan: What’s the best part of moving? Actually moving IN! Being able to have your home be put together and finally settle into your new place. Sometimes though, we don’t know what the best layout for our furniture will be. You never know if things will fit or if it will look good in your new living room, but with this app you can! You actually are able to better envision the space with over 1,000 objects to add to your customizable floor plan. You can use the app on your phone or even a tablet to scan and measure your rooms. Once you are done with that, you can drag and drop interface to create your floor plan! You can even make 3D models and export the floor plans to PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, CSV, or DXF files. The regular app is free to download on both iOS and Android devices but to export the floor plans they are $2.99 each or unlimited for $9.99 per month. I’d say that this is an app that is worth the money!

Letgo: Speaking of decorating and space, here’s one last app that will help you find anything you may need for your new home as well as minimize what you don’t! You can search for whatever you are looking for in your surrounding areas for good prices as well. You can also find items for pickup or shipping to ensure you find that perfect piece to complete your bedroom decor. If you need to make some more room in your home then you can do so by selling on the app too! Just post your listing and soon you’ll be able to do some decluttering of your own! It is available on iOS or Android via app or website.


Moving is one of the most stressful parts of life, so why not make sure you are able to make it as easy as possible? These apps will make sure that you have everything you need within just a few clicks! Hopefully you too find ease in the resources provided and happy moving!