Linen closets tend to start out organized and lovely, but at some point (enter: life) they often devolve into a pileup of good intentions gone awry. Here, seven ideas to steal from some of our favorite linen closets, to help you keep your sheets, blankets, and towels nice and tidy—all the time.

1. Fold towels and sheets so that the edges face the back.

After you fold your linens, stack them on the shelves, with the edges facing the back for an orderly look. That way, you don’t have to see a whole lot of folds or messy edges when you open the door. And to learn how to master the dreaded task of folding a fitted sheet.


2. But roll them if you are short on storage space.

A great space-saving way to organize your towels (and throw blankets, too) is to roll them. This comes in handy particularly with shallow shelves.


3. Consider ventilated shelves.

Linens can get musty just sitting behind closed doors. Proper air circulation can help fight humidity and stagnation—and ventilated shelves can go a long way toward encouraging airflow.


4. Corral the little stuff.

Oftentimes, it’s more than just linens that are stored in a linen closet. Adding baskets, bins, and hooks, can help organize toiletries, and small linens (such as facecloths or pillowcases) in a neat and artful way.


5. Protect against moths.

Moths happen to the best of us. To combat the linen-devouring insects, make sure everything you store in your closet has been laundered (moth larvae like to nosh on keratin, a protein found in our hair, nails, and skin). And for extra protection, add cedar blocks or lavender sachets to your closet. Moths hate their scents, but—added bonus—humans tend to enjoy them.


6. Add a folding board.

If you’re building a linen closet from scratch, consider adding a built-in folding board.


7. No closet? No problem: Display your linens.

Having a linen closet is a luxury—particularly if you live in an apartment. If you don’t have a dedicated closet for your linens, there are myriad other ways to store and organize your towels and sheets. Armoires, carts, and other storage furniture certainly do the trick. Or you could simply add some wall-mounted open shelves to a bathroom.


Hooks on a wall and open shelves mean a corner of any room can be turned into a linen cupboard or closet.

If you find this helpful, I would love to hear about it.