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NOVEMBER MAINTENANCE FOR YOUR KANSAS CITY HOME!November 03, 2017Are you ready for November, Kansas City? We’ve got seven to dos your home needs this month to make sure it’s as ready as you are.CLEAN YOUR GUTTERSHave old or damaged gutters replaced with ones that have leaf guards.Recommended:Travis BurchPRESSURE WASHDid you know spiders like to lay eggs near your windows? Now you do. Have them washed away before they want to come inside for the winter.Recommended:Aaron MazanekFURNACE CHECK-UPHave your furnace filter changed, and ask a pro to make sure everything is in good working order before you are caught in an emergency situation.Recommended:Justin BlairDRAIN HOT WATER HEATERDrain your hot water heater once a year to remove debris and sediment. Your water heater will work more efficiently.Recommended:Taylor ReesePREPARE SPRINKLERSTo minimize the risk of freeze damage, you’ll need to winterize your irrigation system.Recommended:Joe MatthewsTRIM TREESBefore ice and snow weigh down branches, have them trimmed away from your home.Recommended:Chris JohnsonCHRISTMAS LIGHT INSTALLATIONRemember that scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Avoid that. Have your lights put up by a pro.Recommended:Tom DubbertNeed a hand? ReeceNichols has partnered with Zaarly to make sure you get the best service experts for all of your home projects! Ask your ReeceNichols agent for a $50 promo code to use on your first project!Sign up for Zaarly. It’s free!

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