If you are looking to buy or sell a home right now you may already know how crazy it is out there. For example, last month’s inventory is down 25.5% and closed sales are down 8% from April 2016. Generally in Kansas City we have a six month supply of houses available on the market, currently there is only a two month supply. Meaning if no new listings came out, agents would be out of homes to show in two months. With inventory near record lows seller’s are afraid to sell because they fear they won’t be able to find another house to move to. I had a deal recently come into jeopardy of being cancelled because the seller was also buying another home and we were having a hard time coordinating closings and she almost pulled out and didn’t sell at all because she didn’t want to move twice! Many homes are selling in one day. I’ve had two in past month sell in less than 8 hours. Click here for a great article from 435 Magazine about the current Kansas City real estate climate.