diverse happy neighbors
I think this national study, Do Americans Love Their Neighbors, is really cool so I wanted to not only share it but talk it about it for a minute. Sometimes we get these ideas in our heads of what life is supposed to be like. I feel this is a pretty universal human quality. As children and teenagers (and even adults) we dream our life will be a certain way, “when we grow up”. Many of those adult-y thoughts focus around buying a home and settling into a neighborhood. We dream that our lives will be like the TV shows where everyone on the block gets along swimmingly. That you will have BBQ’s, block parties, garage sales, and card games all the while sharing beers, laughs, and good times. That you’ll watch over each others children when you need a night off and that they will watch over your house when you are out of town, collecting your mail and watering your plants. Somewhere between the Stepford Wives, Desperate Housewives, and Cheers we hope to find a place where we belong and everyone knows our name. According to this survey that American dream is being met for the most part. That makes me smile! Only 23% said that they would not trust their neighbor with their child or pet; that means the other 77% would! 60% said they would trust their neighbor with a spare key. Personally, I think this is really refreshing. We see all this negativity in our social media feeds and on our TV screens and we worry that the world is going to hell in a hand basket but it feels good to know that well over half of Americans do indeed trust (and hopefully, therefore, like!) their neighbor. Guess it really is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
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