Building credit, if you’re a millennial, can be a disconcerting and futile endeavor. Unfortunately due to the economic downturn many millennials cannot afford the standard credit card, but fortunately, today the options are much broader, such as Paypal and Affirm. These new options, however, do not come with the same perks as the standard credit cards. Even though you are required to pay on time, it is not actually building you any credit. Paying on time keeps you from defaulting but doesn’t raise your credit score. This can be a major problem down the road when trying to purchase a big ticket item like a car or a home. Yes it’s great to purchase, perhaps a bit more than you can afford online, but when the bill comes due if it’s not building your credit score to make that payment on time, it might be time to look for another source of credit. Here’s a Forbes article that goes more in depth on this topic.