The word trend has always left a bad taste in my mouth as I am a long term thinker and “trend” tends to imply the opposite. However, when it comes to home design these “trends” are much more broad and slow moving so when it comes to real estate trends they have a lot more staying power than say, the latest fashion fad. This new year is bringing some exciting new trends that I think are great, with pushes toward more comfortable, personalized and sustainable homes built with better and cheaper materials. For example, the demand for stone over brick and vinyl has forced a new product to market that has the look and durability of stone at a much lower cost.  That’s just the beginning! 3D printing and LED lighting have also completely changed the design game offering never before seen personalization options. In addition to having more personalized spaces there is also a trend of moving away from cold sleek modern homes to more comfortable and inviting spaces that are still minimal. At the same time comfortable family time is becoming more important to us and homes are reflecting that with larger kitchen layouts and even second back kitchens, more open floor plans and more transitional indoor to outdoor spaces. This wonderful article highlights the top 12 trends influencing 2016.
Trends That Will Influence Homes in 2016