Baby, it’s cold outside! This is the time of year when we dream of summer to keep us warm! The holidays are over and we know all we have to look forward to is cold unforgiving January. While you’re thinking warm thoughts perhaps you’re thinking, “Gee, when summer finally does roll around it sure would be great to have a pool!”. Now is a great time to start calling estimators so you can have your pool in by the time the dog days of summer find us. This article, “10 Ways to Cut Costs While Building a Pool“, just might come in handy for such as occasion. Best part is, you do not have to have a huge backyard as a smaller pool is cheaper and easier to maintain! They also suggest putting the pool as close to the house as possible and skipping any bells and whistles like extra stone working around the edges or adding a slide. If you do decide a pool is for you, please be safe and enjoy! And don’t forget to invite me over for a dip!